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‘Knot Again’ was an ode to my youth when the only thing to do in Yeppoon for a night out was to go to the rollerskating rink to skate away to music and hold hands with a boy (and to speed skate and ramp jump…yeah I was a bit of a tomboy) back in the 80’s. So much FUN! This particular painting was based off a photo I took of my step daughter wearing her friends cool roller skates and her brothers school socks (which I painted a different colour). Perfect painting for that roller skating enthusiast or the mum who’s thinking back to her youth. Personally I would love to get back to roller skating again…I still have my speed skates actually!

Title: ‘Knot Again’
Medium: glazed acrylic on ply
Size: 63 x 63cm including the frame
Frame: float framed in raw Tassie Oak

This original painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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