The Memory Game, or Concentration, as it is sometimes called, is a popular card game played by children and adults around the world. Playing the Memory Game helps to improve children’s short-term memory and speed recognition skills. For both children and adults, memory is a skill we all use everyday and the stronger the better.

How to play the Memory Game:

  1. Mix up the cards.
  2. Lay them in rows, face down.
  3. Turn over any two cards.
  4. If the two cards match, keep them.
  5. If they don’t match, turn them back over.
  6. Remember what was on each card and where it was.
  7. Watch and remember during the other player’s turn
  8. The game is over when all the cards have been matched.

Contains 48 card (24 pairs)
For ages 3 to 103!
Printed on both sides, on durable paper stock
Gift boxed
Designed, printed and packaged by us!

The Memory Game is the perfect game for all ages, one your whole family will enjoy!