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These simple uppercase alphabet flashcards with large, clear letters are great for alphabet activities and songs.
The animal characters are based off our Alphabet Poster, making it a great gift set for children’s education and fun.
On one side of the alphabet flashcard is the picture of the animal, the letter of the alphabet, and the name of the animal.
On the reverse side is the corresponding letter, printed larger, for easy learning.

Contains 26 cards: A-Z
Printed on both sides, on durable paper stock
Gift boxed
Designed, printed and packaged by us!

Get creative with your flashcards! Give your child a stack of mixed up flashcards and encourage them to alphabetise them. To make it harder, set a timer and race the clock. Have an older sibling work on a team with a younger sibling to encourage teamwork. Flashcards are a great educational tool for toddlers and preschool children.