In these crazy covid times, we face so many restrictions, particularly if we are in lockdown. But what if, instead of lamenting the things we can’t do, we focus on the things we can do?

When you do the things, not only is it incredibly satisfying, but it can also lead to wonderful opportunities. Let me give you a great example of what I am talking about.

It started a few years ago when I decided to take the time to complete an application form to become a GC Collectives member. I had put this task off so many times. When I became a member, it really got the ball rolling. It led to me being part of the Geelong Illustrators team. Geelong + Surf Coast Living then wrote an article about Geelong Illustrators. My illustration was chosen to be on the cover of Geelong + Surf Coast Living magazine, and I featured in the article.

Fast forward to two years later: Geelong + Surf Coast Living publishers, Provincial Media, a fully-independent publishing and graphic design company, contacted me to ask if I’d like to be their Advertising Production Manager. Don’t mind if I do! What an honour. I went from being ‘in’ one of their magazines to being ‘IN’ their magazines! Today I’ll be finalising the building of advertisements for our clients, as we are leading into the final stages of bringing this quality regional lifestyle magazine’s Spring edition out to the public.

What have you been putting off lately? Do you have things that you think aren’t important enough to allocate time for? If you’re like me, with a long To Do List, then perhaps it’s time to start from the bottom of that list today. Because it just might lead you to that perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

So, go on. Do the things.