how to price your artwork

Working out pricing is sometimes more difficult then creating the artwork itself, but once you work out the best formula that suits you then it’s a breeze! The best thing to do first is visit the galleries around your area, find artists that you may know are at a similar level to you (similar reputation, credentials…read more

the ‘little bit different’ mural

When owners Brad and Elana of Cafe Botticelli approached me to paint a mural on the wall inside their cafe I was tickled pink! Having designed their coffee cup illustration 3 years ago I knew that this mural was going to be fun to do and I couldn’t wait to create something special once again…read more

the space – gallery + workshops

Many of you may already know this by now but I’m only just finding a bit of time now to share my wonderful news with you all. Crazy busy times but it’s all been worth while because guess what? WE OWN A GALLERY! Yep! ‘The Space’ is located right in the heart of an amazing…read more

do the things

In these crazy covid times, we face so many restrictions, particularly if we are in lockdown. But what if, instead of lamenting the things we can’t do, we focus on the things we can do? When you do the things, not only is it incredibly satisfying, but it can also lead to wonderful opportunities. Let…read more

Pop Up Gallery

It’s always been a dream (or should I say goal?!) of mine to have a gallery/shop. Well, four months ago, we were fortunate enough to be accepted as part of the Renew Geelong initiative, making this dream come true! When I say ‘we’, I am speaking about a dear friend of mine, the super talented…read more

how I stay motivated working from home

First of all, how are you all coping during these weird days of self-isolation against COVID-19? If you are working from home now, are you starting to get used to it as the new ‘norm’? It’s all a bit weird, isn’t it? There’s so much information out there about what to do and what not…read more

from martina

I’m handing over the reins today to Martina, my amazing work placement student for the week, to write my blog. Here’s what she had to say: Hello! My name is Martina.  I’m a student at The Gordon institute of TAFE in Geelong, studying Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design. As part of my course, I needed…read more

how to paint on timber

I would like to encourage you to give painting on timber a go. I am currently part of a successful exhibition with Geelong Illustrators called ‘We Were Board’, where the members could create their masterpiece using any medium and subject, on 30 x 30 cm timber boards. For some members it was the first time…read more

‘we were board’

Keep an eye out soon for my next blog where I’ll be sharing my tips on how to paint on timber. Meanwhile, have a look in Geelong Illustrators Studio Gallery during August to catch our exhibition called ‘We Were Board’, an exhibition of 30 x 30 cm timber boards, where the members could create their…read more

do what you love

I grew up with my mum telling me how much she loved hairdressing and how much fun she had, creating new looks and making new friends. So when I had the chance to do work experience my mum talked me into spending the week at a hairdressing salon. OMG. It was dreadful. We’re talking about…read more